Woof Inn is a very small and very private dog care service located on a neighborhood commercial corner in Evanston, Illinois.  All of my dog clients are happy, socialized, and well behaved "family" dogs.   Vacation dogs play with the daycare groups. Daycare groups are small and provided on a "need group" basis.  Clients often remark when they pick up their dog that they didn't worry a bit!

My story

I started caring for dogs after the death of my artist husband in 1994.  He and I operated a hand lithography workshop in Evanston, Illinois, where we printed our own images while publishing other artists.  That life was rewarding but I could not run the press by myself.   I needed a way to supplement my living while continuing my art career.


It just so happens that I’m pretty good with plants and animals.  I spent some time working for a few garden designers and later spent a summer season working at the Chicago Botanic Garden.  I thought I’d like the garden business so I completed the Master Gardener Program and took horticulture classes at the College of Lake County while picking up more classes through the School of the Chicago Botanic Garden.  Finally I struck out on my own with encouragement from one of my employers and spent a season working in lovely gardens around the North Shore of Chicago.  


While gardening, I also meet a bunch of lively, happy family dogs.  They liked me and I liked them.  Their owners would ask if I might dog sit for them and so I did.  It became obvious that the dogs and I were a good match.   I could bring them home with me and continue my work in the studio.   It didn’t take a lot of brains to see that this was a nice source of income so I tapered off of gardening and started a small limited doggie daycare and a puppy play group.  The vacation dogs still came to visit and Woof Inn was born.

That was about 24 years ago and I have meet so many nice folks and their treasured companion dogs.   My one employee is Mycroft a Pembroke Welsh Corgi.  He is my current buddy and concierge.


~ Cynthia Archer

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