I just love hanging at Woof Inn !  I play all day while my Mom brings home the bacon!!!

~ Miss Moneypenny

Cynthia Archer and Woof Inn have been a lifesaver for me. I could not enjoy life with my wonderful dog while working the hours my industry demands without Cynthia's care.  Equally important, we have a long history as Cynthia has previously cared for another dog of mine for many years before she passed away.  The dogs have just loved going there everyday!  

~ Melinda

Cynthia is the best! She’s 1000% reliable, caring, and utterly unflappable. Cynthia looked after our Vizsla, Miss Blue, for 10 years and we never worried for a single minute that Miss B was happy, calm, and — dare we say it — preferred to be at Cynthia’s some times more than at home. No, that can’t be the case — and if it is, I’m gonna have a word with Miss B. But, jesting aside, that’s how we felt every time we left her with Cynthia. Miss B was thrilled to be there, happy to see us off, and — yet —completely rested and ready to go home when we picked her up. Waste not a minute: Book with Cynthia and be done with the search to find an honest-to-goodness pet whisperer. We give her five woofs!! 

~ Michael, Carlos and Miss Blue

What can I say?  Wally and Elizabeth were away for Mardi Gras.  I asked Cynthia for some beads, too.  ~  Birdie

I've been bringing my Greyhounds to Cynthia for many years.  I travel a lot for work, and Cynthia takes great care of my girls.  I trust her completely. And she's also given me lots of good general advice about dog food, behavior, health, etc.  My girls love it and get really excited when I tell them, "Let's go to Cynthia's"!   

~ Christopher and his hounds Glitter and Mimi

Yep, they have squirrels here.  Lots of squirrels in the trees.  Oh look, there’s a bird!

~ Lulu the puppy

Treats and a deck to snooze on.  Life is good at Woof Inn. ~ Oscar Wilde

We live right near the Woof Inn and have seen Cynthia interacting with her dog clients for years. She's so great with them and they all seem to be having such a fun time that when Birdie came along, it was only natural to take her there. It's so nice to know that Birdie is well cared for and loved while we're away! 

~ Elizabeth and Wally

My home away from home.  

Back scratches 5 stars!

~ Alex

Seeing Cynthia is better than having my puppy latte!

~ Guinevere

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